Website Prayer Request
Website Prayer Request

Website Prayer Request

Website Prayer Request 2-21-2024There is no registration required to request prayer. If you would like to request prayer for yourself or someone you know, please submit your Prayer Request Here.
Prayer Request normally remain on our site for 4 months.

Website Prayer Request 3-23-2024
For: Michelle Brown
Please pray for God to do Isaiah 41:10-13 and Psalm 18:17&48 for my mother and I.
Submitted By: Michelle

Website Prayer Request 3-15-2024
For: Viola Cleo Bradshaw
Please pray for me. Dear Jesus, , Pray for love and light for Viola Cleo Bradshaw and can I have more deep sleep and deep peace and healing for my broken nose? I am very tired. I need sleep. Can I have open doors? I need to be set free. Stop mind warping. I feel my mind is in Croatia due to spiritual violence. I am sad. I have childhood trauma. I feel dehumanized. Can you stop the enemy from dehumanizing me? I feel like i am an animal. Pray my deceased dear cat Kildyboo goes to heaven with Jesus. Lift up Peter Coffin to health and wholeness. Amen. Jesus is a great teacher.
Submitted By:

Website Prayer Request 3-12-2024
For: Sharon Johnson
I’m humbly asking if the members of Spring Hill Church would please include me in their prayers. I am having a total knee replacement on Tuesday, March 19. I have needed this surgery for 2 years now. The structure, or lack of structure in my left hip has caused my entire life to change for the worse! I have some other medical problems and my hip on top of those has caused me heart breaking moments/happenings that will follow me forever. I have turned my back on friends and family. I will never regain those much loved relationships again, My life for the last couple of years has wasted away to almost nothing. I know however that my Jesus has heard each and every prayer I have prayed and He will take of me just as he has done all my life! Please pray for me.
Thank you and bless you all!
Submitted By: Sharon Johnson

Website Prayer Request 2-23-2024
We had another resident pass away yesterday – Billy Styles. I have no information about any family he may have. He was a very nice man!  I ask for prayers for any loved ones he may have.
Submitted By: Sharon Johnson

Website Prayer Request 2-22-2024
For: Viola Cleo Bradshaw
Please pray for me. Dear Jesus, please pray for Viola Cleo Bradshaw to sleep better as she has trouble sleeping deeply, i need sleep, i need deep peace, healing for my broken nose, and i need to still my mind. Viola Cleo Bradshaw Needs freedom to be set free. I am sick. I am abandoned. I am rejected. I am unworthy. Lift up my deceased cat Kildyboo who needs to rest peacefully in heaven with no pain and suffering. Jhana Maya Bradshaw needs peace and stability and my cat Jazzy has a fluid discharge and needs healing Amen. JESUS is a great teacher.

Website Prayer Request 2-21-2024
For: Hayoung
Please pray the following for you, Jung-won, Ui-seop, Ha-young, Ye-young, Eun-tae, In-sook:
While our bodies are alive, let us receive the words that proceed out of the mouth of the one true God; let us store His commands inside us and keep them until the end of time. Please send out the angels from God Himself and take away all the wicked who deceive us. Allow us to see for ourselves what all of this has accomplished.
“In that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.”
‭‭John‬ ‭14‬:‭20‬

Website Prayer Request 1-14-2024
For: Viola Cleo Bradshaw
I’d like prayer because: Prayers are requested for healing Viola-Cleo Bradshaw. Healing needs include: depression, sleep disorder, deep sleep, I can’t fall asleep due to hearing voices in my space of awareness, and for a broken nose, needs peace, and brainstem healing, and lift up Alan Bruce Bradshaw and Cordelia Vogel, heal their minds, heart trouble and family tree. Include in the pastor’s daily prayers and on your prayer chain and list for 6 months.
Submitted By: Viola Cleo Bradshaw

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