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Dale Lawhorne
Hello, I am Dale Lawhorne, the Pastor of Spring Hill Church, and servant of The Lord Jesus Christ.
I have 2 daughter’s and 3 grandsons and the Best Wife Ever.
I joined the Church in 2006, and on my 30th birthday I stood in front of the Church and ask God to make me the man He wanted me to be and ask the Church to pray it so.
We have tried our best to serve God and the Church anyway we can. From teaching Sunday School to leading the Choir, or holding the door.
I became Pastor of Spring Hill Church May 31, 2020.
Spring Hill Church may not be the biggest Church but they will love you unconditionally.
The Church also encourages you to use the talents that God has given you even if it’s just making a joyful noise.
If you’re looking for a Church or just need a place to pray, come see us, you won’t have to pray alone.
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Donna Lawhorne
Children’s Church Director

Hello, I’m Donna Lawhorne, the “Best Wife Ever” of Pastor Dale.
I was saved by the grace of God Sunday February 25, 2018.
I was baptized April 8, 2018.
I started coming to Spring Hill Church January 25, 2004.
I joined the Church August 15, 2004.
March 1, 2020 I became the Children’s Church Director.
First time I came to this Church, I could feel the Lord surround me.
The LOVE at this Church is overwhelming. I love this Church.
I don’t hold an office here, I serve God.
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Lawrence King
Head Deacon
Adult Sunday School Teacher
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Terry Warnix
Sunday School Superintendent
Bass Guitar
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Carol Jenkins
Electric Autoharp
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Lacey Barrett
Young Children Sunday School Teacher
Children’s Church
Pianist/Multiple Instruments
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Bruce Jones

I created Spring Hill Church Website October 28, 2017
I Joined Spring Hill Church October 6, 2019
I started taking photographs and videos of church
activities for the website after I joined the church.
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Shannon Warnix
Facilities Manager
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Jenna Warnix
Jenna is now a newlywed and has
moved to another state.
Thanks for all you have done
for our Young Ones!
Previous Young Children Sunday School Teacher
Fight Against Human Trafficking

Don Henson
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Lacey Barrett
Carol Jenkins
Terry Warnix



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