Spring Hill Church
Spring Hill Church Outreach Ministry

Spring Hill Church Outreach Ministry

Back in 2023 due to circumstances with the Fellowship Hall we had our annual Christmas Ornament Swap at Whitfield Place.
We invited the tenants to join us and it was awesome.
It reminded us that before Covid our church used to visit nursing homes and even the jail.
But Covid stopped all of that and we couldn’t do it anymore.
Things are better now and we want to get back to reaching out to those who can’t reach us.
A lot of seniors have a very difficult time getting ready and trying to make it to church.
We decided for 2024 we would like to take a little church to them.
There will be some singing and preaching.
We had a Discipleship Class with Billy Willis during the month of February in preparation for our new mission for this year.
Getting started we plan on reaching out the 3rd Saturday of each month around 2:00 pm and we’ll see how this evolves.
As we confirm our plans, they will be on the Church Events Calendar.
We want your prayers that our Outreach will be a blessing to someone.