Mr & Mrs Danny (Cheryl) Jones

Dear Spring Hill Church
I come to you all humbly and with a heavy heart. My brother, Danny Jones and my sister in law, Cheryl (Maston) Jones are both having health problems at this time. My brother’s problems have not been diagnosed yet but hopefully it will be minor.
My sister in law was advised by her doctor today that she is being scheduled for OPEN HEART SURGERY within the next two weeks!
I know they are replacing her Aortic Valve; I am trying to remember other details! I just cannot be sure but I do believe they said she has an aneurysm in her heart that needs immediate repair. The surgeon wants to repair/replace all the problems so she will not be forced to go through this major surgery again.
In all the 20+ years I have been a part of this church, no matter what mistakes I made or where I went looking for non-existent perfection, the flock has never turned away from me or shut the doors. Again I’m asking for your prayers of protection for my brother and his wife. They both are good Christians and believe in Jesus Christ! Please join me in asking the LORD to cover them both with HIS wing of protection. Please ask HIM to hold both Danny’s hands and Cheryl’s hands throughout this time in their lives, and any other difficult moment they may have in their path. HE is such a wise and loving GOD and I trust HE has a long smooth road to the Promised Land mapped out for them.
I appreciate your love and acceptance always,

Submitted By: Sharon Johnson

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