Frequently Asked Questions About
Spring Hill Church


What’s it like for first time visitors?
We will make you feel comfortable, welcome and at home.
The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly.
It’s a warm and inviting experience feeling the Lord’s presence and love.
Services are not on a strict schedule, we do things on God’s Time.

Is there any special procedures due to Covid-19?
There are no special procedures at our Church. We do not check temperatures
or require a mask. At the front entrance of the Church near the restrooms we have a
no touch automatic hand sanitizer dispenser.
Since the COVID-19 is similar to the seasonal flu we deal with each year,
please use common sense practices. We get through the flu season each year and
we can get through the coronavirus with the same common sense practices.

What to wear?
There is no dress code.
Mostly it is modest casual dress.
Wear whatever is most comfortable for you.
It’s what you look like on the inside, not the outside that counts.

How do I get to know others?
The last Sunday night of each month is Sandwich Night.
After the evening service we gather in the Fellowship Building and
have sandwiches and meet others and get acquainted.

Where are we located?
We are on 3038 East Walnut Avenue across from Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard up on the hill.
Click Here for directions and service times.

I have a questions, what do I do?
You can send an email to the Church and we will reply to you with an answer.
Click Here to send us an email.

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